Ridiculously high concentrations of radical recorded: ‘Change:HOW? 2015′

100 change-leading radicals gathered in London today for the biggest bohemian democracy-fest of the year (so far). The line-up was enough to make most left-leaning activisty-types shudder in anticipation. And shudder we did.

My highlights from the day are:

  • chatting algebra with a pirate,
  • Peter Tatchell’s rousing call for proportional representation in Westminster,
  • edge-of-your-seat revolutionary rhetoric from Syriza
  • and the practical (but slightly cheesy) Danish approach of producing door-stops to “open doors” in politics.

See tweets below for some magic moments, and watch out for videos of each of the 100 talks. One will be released every day in the run up to the election.

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