Why this medic has just joined the Green Party

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In less than 4 months, the UK will have a new government.

If you believe the papers, the Conservatives will lose seats to UKIP, Labour will edge forward and the Lib Dem’s will be annihilated. We’ll end up with another mish-mash government, punishing the poor and dismantling public services. It doesn’t have to happen that way.

This evening I joined the Green Party.

I had never considered joining a political party until now. That does not mean that I am politically disengaged: quite the opposite. I’ve always tried to stick to debating policy, and keep away from party politics. But today I realised that is not enough; unless there is a change, the pendulum will swing and we’ll have a Labour-led government. Aka, something only slightly better than the current lot.

Here’s why I joined:

I believe in Social Justice, and so do the Greens. The ConDems have proven that they’re about as progressive as Hyacinth Bu-cket, and Labour aren’t far behind. They claim to have reformed, but I don’t buy it.

The Greens are the most trustworthy party for the NHS. Unlike Labour (who want to make the NHS the “preferred market provider“), the Greens have pledged to reverse NHS privatisation where they can. I won’t even bother with the other three parties…

They will stop the cuts and austerity. “Red Ed” wants to carry on…

A genuine living wage for workers. Labour say they will too, but it’s a bit of a joke if we’re still crippled by our rent, health and transport costs and university debt.

University will be free to attend if the Greens have their way. Remember, it was Labour that introduced tuition fees.

The Greens will build affordable housing, rather than demolishing it to rebuild and out-price  existing residents, which is what everybody else seems to be keen on.

They will cut subsidies to fossil fuels and fracking, supporting British industry with a wave of new renewable energy projects, and reducing our reliance on imported oil and gas. Denmark and Germany have done it, why are we clinging to the old ways?

Cap bankers’ bonuses. Need I say more? They have a clear commitment to supporting the 99%.

Renationalise the railways, and build local trains and trams. This has been Labour party policy forever, but they don’t seem too keen to act on it.

The Greens are the only party against TTIP, the massive secret trade deal between the USA and Europe, which could leave every Briton £3000 worse off, cement NHS Privatisation and many, many other things…

For balance, here are headline Green Party policies that I do not support:

A blanket ban on animal testing.

Nuclear energy. Nuclear weapons are completely insane, but I think nuclear energy could still have a place in society.

Heard enough? Fancy joining me?

5 Comments on “Why this medic has just joined the Green Party”

  1. Ioonah Woods

    Today I joined the Green party… So did I, first thing I did went I woke up! I have heard enough and have joined you and the thousands of others who wish for change. Other countries can stand up and make green changes, so can we.

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  3. Oliver

    I sympathise with your concerns on nuclear power but I believe after a lengthy debate you might, like me, be persuaded. Nevertheless, you understand that you don’t have to like all policies to support a party. As a member you are now, of course, able to vote on policy at the next party conference.

  4. Tom

    Nicely written. Re nuclear power ive read (somewhere on corbett report.com) that its not at all efficient and is kept going solely as a means of justifying and supporting the ineviteble arms component

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