Election as Medsin’s National Director

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At our general assembly last weekend I was fortunate to be elected as Medsin‘s next National Director. It’s a great honour to be given the opportunity to coordinate our small army of highly motivated changemakers. Medsin has come a long way over the last year, but we also have a lot of ground to cover to fulfill our potential. Its going to be a real pleasure working with the network over the next year to bring us closer to our vision of a world where equity in health is a reality for all.

Below is a transcript of my election speech so that you can see what I think is imoortant for the network, and so that you can hold me to account. The speech was only 2 minutes long, so if you want to ask about anything then email me at branches@medsin.org, or write a comment below.


There are two questions that I would be asking if I were in your position today. The first is: Is this the right person to be our National Director? Are they qualified and do they have the experience?

The second is: What vision do they have for Medsin?

As you’ve read in my application, I have experience at every level within the network, and have been involved in a diverse range of our work, in national working groups, activities and local and national campaigns. I have experience coordinating teams, giving supporting and providing leadership.

I’ve also enjoyed representing Medsin in many fora. To my university, local NGOs, the BMA, the IFMSA, the Department of Health; whatever the context, I‘ve found allies and opportunities to benefit the network.

The second question is more important: What vision do I have for Medsin.

Next year Medsin must build on this year’s successes to become a network that offers every single student in the UK the opportunity to be empowered in the reduction of health inequalities. We must strengthen our impact, by providing better support to activities and branches; and greater opportunities for individuals to develop their knowledge, skills and experience.  We need to empower and equip all of our branches to deliver the same incredible training, education and personal development that occurs throughout the network.

At the same time, we must be much more responsive to the needs of our members, to provide better fora for branches and activities to set the direction of the network and hold the National Committee to account.   We should also continue to reach out to new groups of students by taking diversifying Medsin forward.

This is the vision that has been developing within the network over the last few years.

The most important question is: What is your vision for the network? Because every single one of you is a global health leader. This is our network and I would be extremely grateful if you give me the opportunity to lead you and be led by you, over the next year.

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