5 reasons why food banks won’t fix hunger

1. ‘Real wages’ have been falling since 2008

This graph shows the fall in wages against inflation since 2008

Solution: A statutory minimum wage, or a universal citizen’s income.

2. In some areas, more than a quarter of young people are unable to find work

Alt Text

3. Supermarkets make a profit from wasting 1.6 million tonnes of food a year

Lots of wasted food

And we pay them to do it.

4. 147 million pre-school children have stunted growth from malnutrition

UNICEF Stunting Infographic

That’s more than twice the population of the UK. Food poverty is a global problem.

5. Climate change is set to decrease crop yields by 2% per decade from 2030

Some wheat
​Without adaptation, a global average temperature increase of 1.0C is projected to reduce median yields by 2% per decade projected for the rest of the century , and after 2050 the risk of more  severe impacts increases. These impacts will occur in the context of rising crop  demand. IPPC report.


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